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About Rent A Sales Rep

Rent A Sales Rep, a division of Lease A Sales Rep-www.LeaseASalesRep.com, an INC 5000 company was formed in 2013 in response to the growing need for “pay as you go” sales services.

We often speak to small businesses that can’t afford our full-sales rep platform, with its larger investment and bigger results. They are still building their business and capital is limited.

Therefore, we launched the Rent A Sales Rep model to help start-up’s and small businesses begin to generate some sales activities to help grow their companies.

Many start-up businesses are formed by entrepreneurs that are passionate about their product or services and they spend a lot of time and resources developing their service or products.

Shortly thereafter, the new entrepreneur needs to develop marketing materials and a website. They are now ready for the marketplace, but have limited capital to start some sales activities. Mainly because they have boot-strapped the start-up, or they are not sure if the “market” will be receptive to what they are offering. This is the fear and anxiety that comes with launching a business.

The Rent A Sales Rep model helps to address these issues with some initial sales activity that could help in further defining market receptivity to a product or service offering. With our sales teams, subsequent feedback and actionable data, companies can make decisions of whether to invest more time and resources for a full market roll-out of their offering.

Our Rent a Sales Rep model fits nicely into these scenarios, allowing you to gather feedback, without too much up-front risk. As a bonus, you will generate some leads, pick up a few appointments and start building your brand.

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