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Why Rent a Sales Rep ?

You wouldn’t just trust anyone with selling your products or services-you want the best and the brightest. Trying to go “el cheapo” route, like using ‘overseas’ services to help you with sales, will only damage your reputation and image and leave you frustrated. Plus a nickel short and a year late.

Make great first impressions.

A phone call is often the first interaction people have with your company; why not WOW them? With every call we make, our professional sales reps will connect, qualify and move the prospect to the next step in the sales process. Our top-level sales reps will create meaningful connections with your prospects and add polish to your image.

Enjoy peace of mind.

You can relax knowing that we are generating leads, appointments and sales for you. Because you require professional sales reps to help grow your business. Because you need sales reps with the necessary expertise to represent you, we will have these top performers working for you. We have a deep bench of talent, with expertise in so many industries we cannot list them all.

Improve your bottom line.

Not every company or busy professional can afford to hire a full-time sales rep. We know this. Some businesses don’t operate in a traditional office setting. But almost everyone will agree that missed sales calls, leads not followed up on, and slow call backs- equal missed opportunities. With Rent a Sales Rep you can enjoy all the benefits of a professional sales rep for a fraction of the price of an on-site full-time employee.

Have more time to do what you do best.

You can’t add more hours to the day, but we can help you make those hours count. We remove the burden and pressures of getting more sales by making the contacts, following up, and moving prospects down the sales pipeline for you. You only talk to people that are truly interested in your service or product offering. Relax and focus on running your business with the reassurance that we’re creating a lasting impression for your company.

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