1Do you have a minimum engagement?
No. That is one of the values of this program! You ‘pay as you go” and as you need services. Just choose one of our programs and we can get you started.
2Is there a contract required?
No. But we will send you a “service agreement” to outline what we will be doing for you so we may be on the same page.
3How long will it take to start a sales program?
Once you choose your package and pay the fee, we will contact you within 24 hours to discuss your services/products and get any other marketing information via e-mail that would be helpful in educating us on your business. If you choose a package that does not include a call list, we will need that from you.
4How do I pay for your services?
You can pay via PayPal checkout. You can use your own PayPal account to pay for the fees or use PayPal to pay with a credit card. We will not have access to your personal data. You process the payment and we get the payment for the program you chose.
5Do you do Commission Only Sales?
No. We do not do pay per performance, pay per lead, or pay per sale.
6How do I know if you work within my industry?
We have worked in many industries since 2003. So the possibility that we have worked within yours is very high. Generally, if we have not worked within your industry, there is usually a “sister” industry like yours where we have worked that will have similar characteristics. A short initial conversation with us will clarify that for you.
7How do I get feedback on the calls being made, the outcomes and possible interest from prospects on the work you have performed?
During the campaign you will get some update e-mails from us giving you some initial; feedback from the sales campaign. Any interested prospects are sent to you immediately via e-mail, so you can respond to them. Additionally, you will get a hard copy (CSV) report via e-mail that documents all calls, emails, and conversations we had on your behalf at the end of the campaign.
8If I need a larger sales program and more help, can you help me with that?
Yes. Our parent company Lease A Sales Rep www.LeaseASalesRep.com is a full scale sales outsourcing company that can help you scale faster and provide outside sales teams and depending on the program you choose, guarantee results. We can provide an end to end solution, making the initial prospect contact, qualify them, meet with them and close the deal, nationwide.